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Utilities Included!

1, Baby

2, So Dam Much

3, Pop Tune

4, Whiskey

5, 12:31

6, Sic

7, Kitch

8, Lucy's Song

9, Xtian

10, Pussy Moon Face

11, Tastee Freeze

12, Didn't Mean To Kill Her

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BUY the CD!

Both of our CD's are also available right now at Dingleberry's Records in Dayton and Yellow Springs

and at Gem City Records in Dayton Ohio.

Our First CD is below

1, Love Potion Number Nine

2,Tastee Freeze


4,Bring It On Home

5,Didn't Mean To Kill Her

6,Graveyard Shift

7,Maggies Farm

8,Lucy's Song

BUY the CD!